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BUILDING GREAT SONGS (Special Pre-sale Price!)

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 Take advantage of this early bird price on an amazing course that will take your songwriting to a new level. Created by the one and only Mega-Hit-Songsmith Chris Wallin! This is just a taste of what you'll learn about in this knowledge packed course at a once in a lifetime price.

The Foundation - Goes over all the parts of a song and ways to use them you might not have thought of.

The Toolbox - This is the most comprehensive section of the course that is a treasure trove of "tools" you will be using for years to come like Phrasing, Rhyme Schemes, Irony, Metaphors, 1st And 3rd Person perspectives and a whole lot more! Learn amazing tips, tricks and secrets that will help you on your songwriting journey. Learn about everything from writers block cures to dynamics to The Power Of Mumble Talking.

Your Crew - Learn about cowriting and some good practices and techniques to help you not only be a better cowriter but give you motivation to keep grinding away. 

And many more song building subjects that you will love!

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