Would you like to learn how to be a more effective and 

successful songwriter in just a couple hours?






Do you wonder why other songs get attention while your songs just can't get any traction?



Good News! You're in the right place!





Would you like to learn how be a more effective and successful songwriter in just a couple hours?



Do you wonder why other songs get attention 

while your songs just can't get any traction?



Good News! You're in the right place!




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Ira Dean

(Former member of the band Trick Pony, Grammy Nominated Artist and Hit Songwriter)

"If anyone can teach you how to write a hit song it's Chris Wallin. When it comes to the craft of songwriting you don't get much better than Chris."


(Student of Building Great Songs: A Course For Songwriters and Mentoring Sessions)

"This is such a great course! It's given me more confidence as a songwriter after taking this course."


(Student of Building Great Songs: A Course For Songwriters)

"This course has shown me more in the first 20 minutes than I've learned in some songwriting seminars I've spent big money on!" 


(Student of Mentoring Sessions)

"Working with Chris is like receiving a one-on-one master class in songwriting. To get to see his thought process in real time and how he can craft the perfect line is truly something to witness."



That are competitive in todays music business? 


That move people?


That are believable and authentic?


That will get you closer to making money through music?


That even your Mother-in-Law loves???!



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Building Great Songs: A Course For Songwriters


Who am I? Well,  I have  written huge Billboard #1 songs such as:

  • "Don't Blink" by Kenny Chesney
  • Love Me If You Can” by Toby Keith
  • "People Loving People" by Garth Brooks
  • I’m Tryin’” for Trace Adkins
  • Something To Be Proud Of” and “Speed” by Montgomery Gentry and many more!
  •  Other artists who have cut my songs include Lorrie Morgan, Ronnie Dunn, Aaron Lewis,  Sammy Kershaw, Confederate Railroad, Neal McCoy, Brad Paisley, Joe Diffie, Diamond Rio, 3 Days Grace and many more!

"Yes, I've had an amazing run of songwriting success. Now it's YOUR turn. With the right tools you can do it too. Let me help you find YOUR inner hit songwriter."               

                                                                                Chris Wallin

Building Great Songs: A Course For Songwriters (Special Pre-Sale Price)

What to expect after purchasing this course...

  • Learn how to be a more effective songwriter in just a couple hours
  • You will be handed tools that will upgrade your songwriting for a lifetime
  • You will be more confident in the songs you are currently writing and more clear on how to fix the songs you know could be better
  • This is an easy to understand course that is full of invaluable information that will further your songwriting knowledge
  • You will learn about things like phrasing, rhyme schemes, Irony, Metaphors, 1st and 3rd person perspectives, Writing Backwards, "The Narrator" and other tools that the biggest names in the business use.
  • How to get your songs heard
  • How to be a better co-writer
  • How to find co-writers
  • And so much more!
  • Access on any mobile device
Yes! I want to be a successful songwriter!

One On One Coaching Sessions

What to expect from a coaching session...

  • (With purchase of bundle) FREE ACCESS to Chris's flagship songwriting course Building Great Songs: A Course For Songwriters

  • FREE ACCESS into "The Song Community" which is a facebook like destination for songwriters just like you who are looking for a family to ask questions and find co-writers.

  • Spend invaluable time with Hit Songwriter Chris Wallin on an intimate one-on-one zoom session.

  • Ask him anything you like!

  • Have him critique your songs or maybe you want to know more about the business of songwriting.

  • Now is your chance to pick the brain of someone who has actually been where you want to go in the music business. 

  • This price is for 1 person. Please contact us first if you prefer more than one person in your coaching session. 

  • The first hour of a (muli-hour bundled session pack) will be spent listening to your songs and evaluating what you need to focus on.


  • Time can be split up by the hour or up to 3 hours at a time. 

Yes! I want to work with you one on one

Hi, My Name Is Chris Wallin And I Was Raised To Be A Songwriter...


"My mother made a record in Nashville when I was 7 years old and we lived in a tiny studio apartment above a dive bar on the broadway strip called "The Turf" where mom sang on the weekends. We ended up moving back to East Tennessee where we're from."

"I moved back to Nashville again right after high school where I was roomates with a bail bondsman and helped him do Skip Tracing (Bounty Hunting) on the side while writing songs and finding my way. The hardest call I've ever made in my life was when I had to call home to ask if someone could come and get me."

"On my 3rd try at writing songs in Nashville I use to freeze 29 cent McDonalds hamburgers in my freezer so I could eat all week on 10$. I played a solo act on thursdays on the historical Printers Alley while honing my craft as a songwriter."

"Trust me when I tell you I know the struggles of a songwriter. I also know what it feels like to stare at a blank page or computer screen wondering "How do I get the hit song in my head to appear in front of me?"

Well After 20 years of success and many #1 songs under my belt, I want to help you find YOUR inner hit songwriter." 

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