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Wish you knew proven songwriting techniques that have made others millions in the songwriting world? 



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Would you like to learn how to be a more effective and successful songwriter in just a couple hours?











Wish you knew proven songwriting techniques that have made others millions in the songwriting world 



The good news is you're in the right place!


Listen to how working with Chris can transform your Songwriting... 


How the creator of Building Great Songs: A Course For Songwriters and Multi-Platinum hit songwriter Chris Wallin started out in songwriting...


Ira Dean

(Former member of the band Trick Pony, Grammy Nominated Artist and Hit Songwriter)

"If anyone can teach you how to write a hit song it's Chris Wallin. When it comes to the craft of songwriting you don't get much better than Chris."


(Student of Building Great Songs: A Course For Songwriters and Mentoring Sessions)

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(Student of Building Great Songs: A Course For Songwriters)

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(Student of Mentoring Sessions)

"Working with Chris is like receiving a one-on-one master class in songwriting. To get to see his thought process in real time and how he can craft the perfect line is truly something to witness."

Gil (Purchaser of the course)

"Hi Chris very impressive. Best I've seen. Hell of a lot to absorb, Thanks"

MD (Purchaser of the course)

 "Indeed, very useful. There is so much meat in here to chew on, I will be ruminating upon it for a while! I am loving it! Thanks Chris!"

Chris Wallin has written huge Billboard #1 songs such as:

  • "Don't Blink" by Kenny Chesney
  • Love Me If You Can” by Toby Keith
  • "People Loving People" by Garth Brooks
  • I’m Tryin’” for Trace Adkins
  • Something To Be Proud Of” and “Speed” by Montgomery Gentry and many more!
  •  Other artists who have cut Chris’s songs include Lorrie Morgan, Ronnie Dunn, Aaron Lewis,  Sammy Kershaw, Confederate Railroad, Neal McCoy, Brad Paisley, Joe Diffie, Diamond Rio, 3 Days Grace and many more!

"Yes, I've had an amazing run of songwriting success. Now it's YOUR turn. With the right tools you can do it too. Let me help you find YOUR inner hit songwriter."               

                                                                                Chris Wallin

Take A Sneak Peek Inside

Building Great Songs: A Course For Songwriters


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Take advantage of this early bird price on an amazing course that will sharpen your songwriting skills to a fine point! Created by the one and only Mega-Hit-Songsmith Chris Wallin! This is just a taste of what you'll learn about in this knowledge packed course at a once in a lifetime price.


The Foundation - Goes over all the parts of a song and ways to use them you might not have thought of.


The Toolbox - This is the most comprehensive section of the course that is a treasure trove of "tools" you will be using for years to come like How To Cure Writers Block, Phrasing, Rhyme Schemes, Irony, Metaphors, Dynamics, 1st And 3rd Person perspectives and a whole lot more! Learn amazing tips, tricks and secrets that will help you get closer to songwriting success.


Your Crew - Learn about co-writing and some good practices and techniques to help you not only be a better cowriter but give you motivation to keep grinding away. 




And many more song building subjects that you will love!

Building Great Songs: A Course For Songwriters (SPECIAL LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT)


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  • After you take this course you will be more knowledgable and confident as a songwriter in just a few hours
  • You will be handed tools that will upgrade your songwriting for a lifetime
  • You will be more confident in the songs you are currently writing and more clear on how to fix the songs you know could be better
  • This is an easy to understand course that is full of invaluable information taught by someone who knows a thing or two about writing a hit song
  • You will learn about things like phrasing, rhyme schemes, Irony, Metaphors, 1st and 3rd person perspectives, Writing Backwards, "The Narrator"
  • How to get your songs heard
  • How to be a better co-writer
  • How to find co-writers
  • And so much more!
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